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Bisphosphonate Medications Considerations

One of your treatment alternatives may involve an endodontic surgical procedure or a tooth extraction. If you have listed a Bisphosphonate medication as one you have taken, certain considerations should be understood by you.

Recent reports in scientific literature have indicated a connection between Bisphosphonate medications and a condition called Osteonecrosis of the Jaw, or destruction of the jaw bone of the mouth. The literature shows a very small percentage of patients taking these medications, usually for prevention of osteoporosis, can develop this condition. In a small group of patients, those taking these drugs intravenously are at greater risk; those taking these medications orally have a greatly reduced risk.

It is impossible to determine your category of risk. However it is not practical to discontinue your bisphosphonate medication as its biologic half-life (the time it still remains in your system) is ten years. After information is presented, the patient must weigh the risks versus benefits of any procedure.

Antibiotic Prophylaxis

The American Heart Association has recently changed their recommendations for infective endocarditis prophylaxis in association with dental/endodontic procedures. Please check with your personal physician or surgeon to avoid confusion.